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So you need a website designed and developed? The world of web design is constantly evolving as new web technologies emerge, and search engines change what they deem as important.

But what does this mean for you and your brand? Your website needs to be optimised for your prospective clients, and for search engine visibility. It may need upgrading regularly. You may decide to add extra functionality later. Or you may have a competitor enter your market that you need to position your business against.

No matter what your web design needs requirements are – we believe websites should be dynamic, and not static. This is why we have chosen to offer affordable web design packages, one of which will suit your needs. These packages are all inclusive, so there are no hidden costs – and you can cancel at any time. We want your online launch to be smooth and stress-free; so you can get down to business.

Our ecommerce web design options are powerful

We can help sell your product or service.

Included eCommerce.
  • Up To 20 Products
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Stock Management
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multiple Product Types
  • Discount Codes
Ecommerce Extensions.
  • Memberships & Subscriptions
  • Cloud POS Integration
  • Shipping Integration
  • Product Add-ons
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketplace – Vendors
We Mean All Inclusive Website Design.

Here’s What’s Included.


All our website design packages are responsive, and display perfectly across all devices. With websites being visited on mobile devices more and more – having a website that is optimised for all devices and browsers is imperative. Not to mention that search engines are putting more of an emphasis on responsive mobile-friendly web design.


Little bit of web design jargon here – but U/X web design is all about the use experience. This design foundation involves ensuring all visitors to your website are taken on a logical and enjoying journey – leading towards a successful conversion.

We display your content simply, and provide depth in detail that is easy for visitors to find. Navigating your new website should be a rewarding experience for your visitors – so this web design fundamental is included in all our websites.


As users and consumers, we put our personal information on the internet all the time. It is important for visitor trust that your website operates on a secure connection. We provide a SSL certificate with all our websites, so your visitors can see their connection is secure. For an example – checkout the address bar on this website – the green lock, and the green “https” is how you know.

Recently, major search engines announced that this will impact your ability to rank online as well. So this is standard in all our web design packages, no matter the size of the website.


Our pay monthly web design packages all include optimised website hosting. This ensures that your website loads as quickly as possible. Our hosting is completely scalable, and we test your site every month. If we notice there has been an increase in traffic, and site speed has been affected, then we increase the dedicated server space to accommodate this.


All our web design packages include unlimited email accounts, using your domain name. The accounts can be added onto any email client you currently use, providing easy access, and a professional image.

For those that want completely separate email accounts, with a ton of extra functionality, we also offer Google Apps for Business as an addon service.


Our web design service includes monthly behind the scenes maintenance, and unlimited updates (within reason). This allows you to have your website updated regularly, without you having to worry about how to do it, when to find time etc.


We don’t believe in locking people into a contract for our web design services. If circumstances change, and you don’t need your website anymore, then no worries. We don’t charge a cancellation fee – just stop paying, and we take your website down. 


We are adding new addon’s and functionality every month – so you can extend your website. If there is a feature you are interested in, then get in contact with us, and we can provide a customised quote, or add a new product to our web design shop.


Consumers are now shopping online more and more. Having an ecommerce website can provide an additional revenue stream, or even replace your retail business. Our ecommerce web design options are vast, so have a chat to us about your needs, and we will implement the best solution for you. 


A website is only as good if it can be found. We provide on-site search engine optimisation so your website is viewed favorably by search engines. We let you choose 3 keywords to target, and provide some recommendations depending on your industry and target market.  


Social sharing and popularity is now an integral part of a business’ marketing strategy. We make it easy to share your content, and integrate your social media profiles with your website. 


If one of our web design packages do not suit your needs 100%, let us know! We can put together customised packages using our core web design service as the foundation.


 If you don’t have a domain name already, we will provide you with a few options, and register one for you – all inclusive! 


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