We aim to make the whole process of getting online and found really simple.

We started out humbly building websites for ourselves that drove traffic – and converted browsing visitors, into buyers. Throughout our years of website design and development, we have been through search engine algorithm changes, overnight trends in design, everything in between and have become Web Developers / Designers.

Throughout all of this, one thing has remained. A burning passion for building exemplary websites, that stand out amongst competition. We have refined our service offering, to the most simple of web design solutions; Three website design packages that include everything you need to get online, without any hassle.

We have found that the businesses that benefit the most from having a stunning website, often don’t want to pay for a professionally designed web design agency solution. The other option? Do it yourself website builders, or settling for just a Facebook business page.

This is where we decided to intervene; Offering professional web developers services, all inclusive, for an affordable monthly fee.

What more could you want? And if you can answer that question – get in contact with us here; and we will see what more we can do for you.

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Neil Smart

Web Designer

Neil has a keen eye for detail, and an appetite for website design that stands out. But most of all, he has a burning passion for entrepreneurship - and seeing small businesses evolve. This has led to him to consult on business processes, brand identity, sales & marketing, and website development. Now, armed with a small team of other enthusiastic web design maestros, Neil focuses on helping small businesses get online - as effectively as possible.

Jesse Kill

Web Developer

Jesse brings a lot to the team, his extensive background in Web Development gives us more elements to work with. He is a firm believer in creating great relationships with his clients, and strives to do his best to accommodate the needs and wants of our customers. While Jesse aims for perfection he also believes that the ambition for perfection is the quickest way to not achieve perfection, he is very hands on, and loves to get the task at hand completed with efficiency.

Bridie Hogan

Creative Advisor

Bridie is as artistic and free spirited as one can get. It is even hard just to keep her in the office. But when she is here - she makes sure we are building artistically sound website designs. Bridie is able to connect with your customers, and has great insight into what they will find appealing - not just us. With a background in art, music, and theater; she balances out the beard and the brawn.


We like to think we are different. You decide.

Why Choose Us As Your Web Developers?


Cutting edge design, latest web frameworks and methods? We stay on top of it all. Your new website will look like a Lamborghini next to a Lada. And if it starts looking outdated? We update you for free. The joys of website as a service.


We run our business like a clean green lean machine. We operate a paperless virtual office. This keeps our conscience clean, and let’s face it – paperwork just distracts from real work. Oh, and we have also started growing chillis and herbs.


We organise our business like we are in the military, and we deliver with sniper precision. You will be updated every step of the way throughout your web design project. Your time is precious. So are your customers. We respect that.

Affordable Web Solutions. Stunning Website Design.

Take Your Business To New Heights With Smartan Web Design